Home becomes fashion

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The first home fashion department store opened in Bucharest, on December 6th 2008, Bell`Agio Casa is set to become the city’s premiere address for home furnishings, interior decorations, kitchen equipment and accessories and a great selection of gifts to suit any taste.

Bell`Agio Casa is a 10.000 sqm home department store that covers all aspects of the Home World: Living, Dining, Giving, the Great Outdoors and Wedding. Famous brands in furniture, décor and kitchen will help you create a magical atmosphere in your home.

The outstanding architectural concept combines the splendor of the industrial building with the practicality of modern features. The enormous shop-windows lend themselves to seasonal displays and the promotion of constantly changing events. Once inside, the space is clearly defined with wide and logical walkways, allowing for the easy location of the diverse and wonderful worlds of Bell’Agio.

The philosophy behind Bell`Agio Casa is Luxury at affordable prices, targeting primarily the modern, urban women who are active, always looking for the latest trends, not only in fashion, but in home fashion as well. The Casa Store is a second home for them, for this is where they come for inspiration to improve their interior according to the latest trends or to find ideas for entertaining or leisure time at home.

Your Life. Your Style. Your Store.